Press Releases

Here we grow again

  Wire Drop Systems is proud to announce it's latest locations scheduled to open September 1, 2002. The new location will be a 1,200 sq ft warehouse the will eventually house operation, design, and training. Product demonstrations such as CCTV systems will be available for customers to view and try before they buy.


Wire Drop Systems - West opens

  Operations in Wire Drop Systems west coast branch opened Friday December 7, 2001 to handle the administration division. The office is a two man (woman) extension to handle billing, marketing campaign's and various other areas of administration. The office address is 6895 E. Lake Mead Blvd. #A-6 144, Las Vegas,NV. 89115. At this time, Headquarters will remain in the Raleigh-Durham triangle area with a physical service area stretching from Florida - Virginia coast.


Product demonstrations

  In partnership with ICN computing located in Chapel Hill, Wire Drop Systems has begun to demonstrate wireless surveillance products in conjunction concept solutions. Since November 3rd WDS (Wire Drop Systems) has been demonstrating the cost effective X10 cameras. WDS and ICN computing agreed to a three week trial to measure demographic interest and traffic. The first weekend began with a rocky start, however the following weekend was classified as an impacting success, says Mark Logan of Operations. The demonstrations are held on the weekends near downtown Raleigh from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Officials say that depending on the measure of success on the final weekend will determine if an extension is necessary.


West Cost Connection Underdevelopment

  Wire Drop Systems will soon have an operational branch on the west coast. Officials believe the move has some aggressive market share opportunities down the road. It also, marches in tune with the company's goals of creating opportunities for career minded and self starting individuals. Commission based companies typically operated under strict guidelines and are limited in R & D. Wire Drop Systems attempts to challenge the odds. Creating examples of how to overcome insurmountable obstacles yielding in "win win" outcomes.


 Technology training available to organizations

     Within the next couple of weeks, Wire Drop Systems in alliance with Fresh Life's CEO/Founder Brenda Jamerson will be conducting technology training. Could this be a debut of another product line, actually not. Wire Drop System's operations VP Mark Logan in the past trained public instructors on a volunteer basis for years. Logan said, it's been about one full year since he's trained a group of adults. "It's a very rewarding opportunity to help those who appreciate my time", Wilcox said. He wants to make sure he still has it. Stay tuned for more to come.